Recruiting Limo

Are you a young, up-and-coming athlete who's just not getting the attention you deserve?

It feels like all the big schools are ignoring you. You’ve sent your highlight tape to dozens of coaches, but no one seems interested. What gives?

Recruiting Limo is changing the game by helping talented young athletes get recruited to the college of their dreams, free of charge. We are committed to helping young athletes of all sports achieve their goals and dreams.

The Interviews

Recruiting Limo with Amajai Martin

Amajai Martin 5’9 140lbs Class of 2025 FS/WR with a 4.61 GPA from Broome High School in Spartanburg, S.C. joins Jay in the Recruiting Limo brought to you by Arden’s Burger and Grill and Upstate Physical Therapy,

Recruiting Limo with Izabella “The Beast” Adams

Izabella “The Beast” Adams Class of 2026 Softball Pitcher/Shortstop/2nd Base player, 3.4 GPA, All American Eliter & Beach Bunny/Artist joins Jay in the Recruiting Limo

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Recruiting Limo with Ryan Coutts

Ryan Coutts C/O 2024 6’8 205lb PF/Wing from Willetton Senior High School in West Australia with a 3.4 GPA joins Jay in the Recruiting Limo